Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Balcony Blooms 2012

I apologize for not blogging much at all this year as life had other ideas. But I thought I'd give you a wrap up of the year. Here are some of the blooms that are still happening on my balcony today, in October. 

Begonias did VERY well, as you can imagine, on the
north side balcony.

The red poppies did alright. Not as large as you would usually see planted
in earth on the ground and with more sunlight, but alright.

Snap dragons did VERY well! What a surprise. This is a shot of one
bloom in fall but through out the summer, planted from seed, the pink
and white snap dragons outperformed my expectations!

Lovely white snap dragons.

My peonies did not bloom and just seemed tired. I think that next year one might be gone and the other reduced to being even smaller than this time. Peonies are not suppose to live in containers so I can't blame them. They've done the best they could given the conditions. They did develop some mildew but were not overwhelmed by it.

The lilac trees are still going strong. They bloomed happily it seemed. The leaves are just starting to yellow now. I will pack some plastic bags under and around them and the peonies before it freezes.

The chives, surprisingly did NOT bloom. Oh well, they still came up though.

And that's it for this year! Thanks for coming by and we'll see what next spring brings. Keep warm and safe this winter. Best to you all!