Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Transplanting the Cucumber into a Container and Finding It a Home on the Balcony

Finally transplanting the cucumber
So I finally transplanted the cucumber. I wanted to wait till it was a little larger as I had heard that cucumbers really don't like having their roots bothered so I thought I'd wait till it was larger so it could withstand the trauma of transplanting. 

I noticed a little while after I transplanted it that one leave was wilted. I had sort of dropped it on it's head, so to speak, as I was trying to get off the coconut husk container. I hate those things. Anyway, it spilt out an landed on it's head so I hope it bounces back. Otherwise $3.50 down the drain. We'll see though, I have hope!

It's new home!
I found a spot lower down and that way it's vines can grow out onto the ground and be supported. I just love cucumber vines. A little prickly, but they look gorgeous! I also planted some cucumbers from seed today, an heirloom variety and I will post on that shortly.


  1. after trying several times I finally got my lemon cucumber seeds to germinate, I'm also really looking forward to the vines

  2. Yes, cucumbers are a bit finicky, I am seeing. I'll see if mine will germinate. Lemon cucumbers look to be a good smaller variety.

  3. Put some Better World Plant Food on them..... it will make things better!

  4. Yes, I am actually going to make a tea out of the powder. You can make it the night before and let is sit. Just use it up before 24 hours is up.