Monday, May 23, 2011

West Side Railing Balcony Container - Dhalias, Coleus and White Bacopa

This planter overlooks due west
Here's the first container planted for the west side railing balcony container. I used Dahlias (a larger dark pink flower dahlia as the central piece, two lighter pink, smaller flower headed dahlias planted on either side of the larger one) 

close up of light and darker pink Dahlias
and white bacopa on the far left and right of the planter. Bacopa did very well last year on the railing where it gets VERY windy at times. 

looking south west from the balcony
lake Ontario is off in the distance
There are still planters to be added and filled. Note the coconut husk planters further along the railing. A trip to my local gardening center is in store and I can hardly wait! I checked out Forest Hill Loblaws again but there isn't very much left of interest. It seems this year the selection wasn't as good as last year, but I am on a mission to create a beautiful balcony garden!


  1. you look like you get a lot of sun up there - there's so much potential!

  2. When the sun decides to shine we can get a good amount - I think somewhere in around 5 hrs, maybe close to 6 during the longest days of summer. But five on average. I have gotten more planters up so will be sharing that shortly. And yes, they are GORGEOUS!