Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Does Your Balcony Garden Grow?

Here is the southern corner of my balcony garden. To the left from top left to bottom right:
-red radish
-peas (long container)
-snap peas

You can see they are all up but the lettuce is barely visible. I would say it has been the slowest to grow and the spinach, regular peas and radish the fastest.

A close up of the radish. Last year hyancinths that I bought from Loblaws and just left outside after they were done are coming up?! I added more potting soil to the top of them. We'll see if they continue to grow. It was quite a surprise to see them bloom - I thought they were dead.

Close up of spinach.

So there they are. The clear winners so far are the spinach, red radish and regular peas. The snap peas are coming up but more slowly. The lettuce isn't too happy yet though. We'll see by next thursday how they are doing. 

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