Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dazzling Dahlia, Constant Coleus and kind of sad Pansies on balcony wall hanging basket

This year the dahlias are gorgeous here in Toronto. Whomever the supplier is, well, they did a great job with these babies this year. I planted this dahlia in the above shown basket about a week and a half ago and she is going strong. The winds haven't been too bad though so we still need to see how she is going to weather some of the nastier stuff to come. I used some fresh soil in this box.

Last year I planted coleus in the same spot and it just THRIVED! Wind, who cared? It sure didn't. So this year I went with coleus again and as you can see it goes really beautifully backing up the pink with a yellow center dahlia. The color scheme works so nicely (light green, green, pink, yellow, light orange and the tuscan sienna of the box with the black iron ware and the gessoed white of the wall). 

The pansies, well, I planted them earlier and they are on the edges of the box. You can see, they just look, well, sad. I can see that pansies really don't like being where they are. I may replant them in a floor planter to give them a second chance. 

I went out yesterday in the rain and picked out some lovely new flowers just waiting to add to my what is becoming, beautiful balcony! I'll be posting new pics soon! I am so happy to have spring here (even if it has been really wet and cool) and summer on the way. It lifts the spirit, doesn't it?


  1. lovely! not sure why your pansies are sad...

  2. I think they just really, really, really hate the winds. They really are a somewhat more fragile plant, especially the stem that bears the flower so I am thinking that it's the winds up here. Coleus seems immune to the wind - they just don't care, they just keep growing and growing!