Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9 - the First Good Garden Growing Weather on the Balcony

Today I was out on the balcony wanting to see how the light was coming in and hitting the containers. It was the first day that the balcony warmed up enough to keep the plants warmer then they have been earlier as the wind was still being quite cold and continually blowing. Today was a first real break from that.

I have rearranged some of the containers and have realized that a 2 tier planter would be ideal to sit under the planter against the wall AND to put on the southern side of the balcony, against the southern wall. There is some good long light that isn't being used on the south side so I will look into finding something that I can use to put the planters on so they get the most sunlight possible without being too exposed to the wind.

More pics to come in the next few days as I work on tweaking the balcony garden! Being out there today just felt great!


  1. finally, right!?
    definitely make use of the vertical space on your balcony, makes a big difference

  2. Yeah finally. And today, the 10th, overcast but hey, at least the winds aren't too crazy on the balcony today. Yes, I am going to have to find some economical stands or something. Vertical space definitely the way to do, you're right.