Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Happened to the First Wall Basket?

Well, I DID have this basket (with chives and green onions in it) up on the northern side of my balcony. Then we had a wind and rain storm.

I now have THIS basket in it's place. Let me tell you why.

Some time last week, in the evening, there was a huge wind and rain storm. Everything was water-soaked so no watering was needed that's for sure. So the next day, I was casually looking out the balcony window and a fluttering pigeon net caught my eye. It shouldn't have been fluttering. And where was the basket balcony container?! I ran out and peered over the edge of the wall. Nothing in site. That water-soaked basket was at least 25 lbs and it's a fairly large basket. I heard later that a man had died in Ontario during the wind storm. I quickly checked the story on line. No, no plant basket was involved, thank God! This has NEVER happened before. So keep in mind, that during these big wind storms that it might be best to take down the containers from the balcony walls. The winds were from 60 kms gusting to 100 kms. That basket went flying over the wall 19 floors. It will be one of life's little mysteries, where it ended up.

 Next time there is a wind warning for southern Ontario, I'll be checking to see how strong those winds are and the baskets may have to be taken down.

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