Saturday, May 14, 2011

Balcony Container Garden Progress - May 14

So here it is, latest shots of my balcony container garden. It's been a little over a week since the last shots and almost all of the veggies are growing nicely even though we haven't had a lot of heat and sun.

This is the radish container. They say that they will be ready in 30 days. I think I planted them mid April, from seed. Considering that it had been a cold April, they are doing quite nicely. For all the containers I use organic container soil and have been watering with ordinary tap water and also left over kale and spinach steaming water. 

This is the spinach. I find the plants quite beautiful.

And here are the regular peas (background basket) and snap peas (foreground basket). The snap peas, after a slower beginning seem to be taking the lead in growth over the regular peas.

And this is what is continues to look like from my balcony, here in Toronto, facing west and overlooking, to the south, Lake Ontario. This dark blanket of rain is suppose to be here for another extended period, I think four days in a row. *sigh* Well, living here I sure miss the sun but I sure appreciate it when it comes out to play! 

That's it for today. Tomorrow I am going to post some floral shots and balcony container ideas. Wishing you all a good weekend indeed!

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