Monday, June 6, 2011

Before and After the Windstorm


looking north on my 19th floor west-facing balcony

and looking to the south from my 19th floor western facing balcony.

And after. The large coral begonia had been thrown and I quickly setted it right so in the picture it is upright but actually I found it on it's side. Begonias stems snap so easily I was sure it was injured, but luckily it was in pretty good shape considering.

Notice all the plants on the far southern wall are no longer there and things are strewn across the floor. Also note how some of the snap dragons are missing from the rail containers...

All the snap dragons snapped off by the wind!

Tiffie always has to inspect the situation.

See where the plant was snapped, right at the base. 
The rail container pansies were battered, but pansies are resilient and they are coming back. The sugar snap peas were somewhat disturbed. It is June 6th and they still aren't flowering so I  am not sure if they will produce or not. The snapdragons, like I said, seemed to take the most damage. The dahlias are amazing, still and the lilacs didn't notice a thing. Even the peonies seemed to hold their own in the north-eastern corner of the balcony.

So, there you have it. One heck of a wind and rain storm with some carnage but overall, not too bad. But there sure is a lot of dirt to sweep up! 


  1. yup, I've been through these post wind-storm clean ups many time this spring - it can be rather heartbreaking when you actually lose some of the plants, seems like most of yours will bounce back

  2. Yeah the last one, about a week ago was a doozy. I actually did lose a plant on one of the rail containers. I think it just got both dried out and just assaulted by the wind and that was that for it. Poor thing. I think keeping things well watered and fed as well as possible will help. Here's hoping anyway : )