Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Begonias on a 19th floor west facing balcony? Yes!

Finding a nice shady spot, Tiffie enjoys our hottest day yet, on the balcony

I am not usually a big fan of begonias BUT I found these (on the far left and right of the photo) about 3 weeks ago and they just looked so beautiful I nabbed them. I did wonder though, how they were going to handle both the heat (when it came) and the wind (sure to come).

Well, I am happy to report that they are really doing quite well! I need to make sure to remember to feed them on schedule (and yes, I will be using the Better World plant food and not cheaping out and using the petroleum based fertilizer). 

So, I would say, if you find a healthy beautiful begonia and want to bring it home to your balcony why not? As long as you do have some shade for them and here on my balcony, the wall is opaque and that does limit their sun time. Even though that dark blue wall is uuuuugly, it does allow for begonias at least. I have an idea on how to hide that wall but that will take some work (if you are curious about that just check back in a few weeks and I hope to have the solution for you to see!). If you have a glass wall, and you face south, east or west, they make get a little scorched. North facing balconies should be fine though. Enjoy your balcony!

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