Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Balcony New Gardening Challenges

The new balcony - facing north and this view is west on the norther side
of the building.

This is facing east, again on the north side of the building. Hello sun?
Note all the containers empty at the far end. I am going to plant a lot fewer things
as this balcony is quite narrow and a lot shorter than the one I use to have.
Anyone need any empty containers? Lol!

The cat is confused. Why am I not allowed out there like I use to be? Because it's
seven floors up and there are little birdies in the trees that you'd leap to your
death for, that's why my cute little chickadee : )

Well, it's a new year with a new apartment and new balcony. This new balcony is north facing and that is going to be a challenge for my plants. The lilacs and are just blooming so I'll get a pic of that and post it asap. The peonies are also starting to come up. I'd say that this balcony gets about an hour and a half to two hours (tops) of sunlight right now. Am I thrilled about this? Hardly. But we'll see what happens this year. I have added Better World plant food twice to my plants/shrubs out there but they are going to need a lot more tlc to make it through this year, I am guessing. Stay tuned.

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