Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Almost everything is up now!

The regular peas are the last to poke their heads through but they finally have and the lettuce, radish, snap pea and spinach are all up. Just had a storm blow through with VERY gusty winds. Luckily, none of the raised containers toppled in the wind. All of them were well watered by the storm as the winds were blowing sideways and directly into the balcony. Nothing better than rainwater for plants : )

Today it's 20ÂșC out with showers. I think we can finally look forward to some good growing weather. I will be looking into what to plant next.

Two days ago I put out my flowers even though it was very windy and the temps weren't great. I found that the flowers really didn't like the warmth of the apartment since they were already hardened off. So as soon as the danger of frost passed, I put them out AND they are doing much better. Will transplant them into an appropriate container as soon as things dry up! Forecast: more showers for the next few days. Argh!

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