Thursday, April 14, 2011

A good time to plant lettuce, spinach and peas!

Back on April 9th I planted three long basket containers (about a foot and a half to two feet long, 8 to 10 inches wide and about 8 inches deep) with a variety of leaf lettuce, snap and regular peas and spinach. Supposedly you can plant these vegetable varieties this time of year as they are cool loving plants and the cooler temps won't hurt them.

The above photo gives you some idea of the view and the balcony I work in. The long baskets and containers that are planted with peas, lettuce, spinach and radish are all lined up against the apartment outside wall on the left of the photo. I have wooden units (two old dresser drawers turned on their side so that I put the planters on top) and a large wooden, I thin it was an entertainment unit of some kind, that I put the basket containers on  to maximize their exposure to sunlight. Supposedly you need 6 hrs of sunlight a day so I am hoping to improve the odds of gardening success!

Today is the 14th and I do not see any growth as of yet. However my chives that are from last year and the year before are all coming up. Notice the little smidge of green in the lower left hand of the photo.
Here is another group of chives that I have in a hanging basket attached to the guard rail of the balcony. It seems to overwintered very well and it is also an organic plant. It is doing very well! On the guard rail it gets the most light out of any of the other places on the balcony. It seems to be able to handle the wicked winds that blow up here. So chives are VERY hardy and do quite well on a balcony!

That's it for now. I'll keep you posted!

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